superman returns

so i just watched the superman returns trailer … i’m not totally sure about the main actor, but i stood up to watch it. it was important to me … when i was a kid, i saw superman and i heard “truth, justice, and the American way”. of course that was a bit off, but it impressed me. it impressed me to see something that was so idealistic; an assertion so pure it could not be stained by the everyday misguidance of man.

then i saw the date on it. at the end, it flashed “Summer 2006”. what i thought then was: “what will my life be like then? who will i be with then?” at that second, i became a romantic again … and i hoped it was her. the her i saw last night, if there is any confusion. michelle, for those who are still confused.

silly, right?

i started this new blog as an excuse (well, maybe an afterthought) to expunge the previous embarassing posts about unrequited love … and here we are again.

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