Check if your e-mail address is on the list of “hacked” Google accounts

Posted 2 CommentsPosted in security, technology Recently there has been some worry about Google accounts being hacked and passwords stolen and so on. Even though Google said less than 2% of the list (which I’ve obtained) are active accounts, some people I know had their e-mail address in the list. I downloaded the list of e-mail addresses and put together […]

Need a little technobabble in your day? Watch the retroencabulator video.

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For my engineering friends, when someone asks you a technical question and you don’t really want to answer them, start quoting from the below video. Transcript Here at Rockwell Automation‘s world headquarters, research has been proceeding to develop a line of automation products that establishes new standards for quality, technological leadership, and operating excellence. With customer success as our […]

Recording phone calls in Michigan – legal without consent if you are a participant in the conversation

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Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. Long story short, “…a participant in a private conversation may record it without “eavesdropping” because the conversation is not the “discourse of others”, meaning that in Michigan (a “one party consent” state) you do not need all parties consent to record a conversation. From […]