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If you haven't seen the news, about 5 million Google accounts have recently been compromised. Just like the Apple debacle recently, none were actually "broken into", but hackers have (maybe) figured out the passwords and you should probably change them. Even if your account comes up "green" in the check below, you should probably still make sure you have a strong password. By strong, you should probably have two upper case characters, two lower case, two special characters (like !@#$%), and two numeric characters. Two factor authentication is best, but the strong password bit is a good start.

  • Q. Do you have my password?
  • A. No, the list I obtained was just a list of e-mail addresses.
  • Q. Why not put the list up and let us search through it ourselves?
  • A. That would publish the e-mails in another publicly accessible spot on the internet, putting the account owners at further risk. Plus, I had fun figuring out how to insert ~4.6 million lines of text into a MySQL database from a file which had the e-mail addresses in it.

From (9/10/14 @ 17:54):

Several tech blogs on Wednesday reported that hackers have leaked some 5 million stolen Gmail passwords to a Russian forum. That’s not quite right. What’s true is that hackers appear to have leaked some 5 million stolen passwords to a Russian forum, each with an associated Gmail address. That might sound like the same thing, but it isn’t. While the emails are clearly Gmail addresses, the passwords could be passwords for anything, and they may or may not be current.

From (9/10/14 @ 14:05):