Hiring companies: if you want it written in X, ask for it to be written in X

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I recently took an online AbillityScreen through TrueAbility for a remote position, and one of the tasks was to program some generic automation scripts to do various file operations and so on. In the description, it stated to complete the task in whatever language you wanted as long as it worked.  I set about doing […]

Patrick Swayze is dying…

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So … I’m not a big fan of Patrick Swayze or anything, and not in the cliché “I’m not a fan of” euphemism for “I strongly dislike”, but hearing about him saying goodbye to his family and friends was really sad to hear. From Australian News.com: ACTOR Patrick Swayze has reportedly started saying goodbye to […]

awesome, fixed the site …

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ok so I was having problems with the blog being all dorked up because of a MySQL bug in the current version my web host has installed. if you’ve been to the site in the past couple weeks, you may have noticed posts were chronologically backwards. upgrading to the newest version fixed that, as well […]

UDDI links

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I’m doing a project on UDDI with PHP, but the resources available are terrible. Maybe once I get something working I’ll publish the code somewhere … for now, here are some links I shouldn’t lose. UDDI Tutorial for jUDDI First solution: nothing was working with jUDDI. So after a bit of scouring, I found that […]