One command you should never run on Solaris.

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crle -l /var/ld/ld.config. This screws up the entire linker and nothing will run anymore, bombing out with the following errors: # crle fatal: /var/ld/ld.config/ Not a directory Quick fix: # echo ” > /var/ld/ld.config # crle -u # crle Configuration file [version 4]: /var/ld/ld.config Default Library Path (ELF): /usr/lib (system default) Trusted Directories […]

Fedora 9 Install by YUM

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Thanks to this post for the instructions. # yum update # yum clean all # I like to repeated update and clean all a second time to make sure everything got updated # Run the following command to update the yum repo on your box: rpm -Uhv # Next I had to do […]

UDDI links

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I’m doing a project on UDDI with PHP, but the resources available are terrible. Maybe once I get something working I’ll publish the code somewhere … for now, here are some links I shouldn’t lose. UDDI Tutorial for jUDDI First solution: nothing was working with jUDDI. So after a bit of scouring, I found that […]

Password security rules

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I just signed up with Chase to manage my card online and noticed something odd: I wasn’t allowed to put special characters when setting my password. Anyone that knows anything about secure passwords always uses at least two uppercase, two lowercase, two specials, and two numerics, with a length of at least 10 characters. But […]