Check if your e-mail address is on the list of “hacked” Google accounts

Posted 2 CommentsPosted in security, technology Recently there has been some worry about Google accounts being hacked and passwords stolen and so on. Even though Google said less than 2% of the list (which I’ve obtained) are active accounts, some people I know had their e-mail address in the list. I downloaded the list of e-mail addresses and put together […]

Automation Alley Event – Matt Moldvan, Global Manufacturing Cloud Security Lead

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Ok, so that’s not my “real” title. But recently I was asked to present in place of my company’s President, and this was the title bestowed to me by a marketing individual. In the press release, my title was listed as “Global Manufacturing Cloud Security Lead”. After I regained my composure from laughing hysterically at […]

Uh oh – Pidgin stores passwords in plain text in accounts.xml

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Funny thing we found out at work today: Pidgin, which is a multi-protocol chat client I’ve been using for years and (worse) recommending to others, stores all passwords in plain text on the file system when you click “connect automatically” in your account options. This basically rules out use of the client in any corporate […]