Travel disaster

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I had this post all written up and lost it all by absent mindedly upgrading WordPress at the same time. Which, on a side note, I’m very happy with. The automatic update seems to work pretty well now, along with updating the plugins I have installed. The process was flawless. So anyway, this is supposed […]

Fedora 9 Install by YUM

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Thanks to this post for the instructions. # yum update # yum clean all # I like to repeated update and clean all a second time to make sure everything got updated # Run the following command to update the yum repo on your box: rpm -Uhv # Next I had to do […]

I quit.

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Smoking. Nasty habit. If you’ve smoked, you’ve probably coughed or accidentally exhaled before completely finishing inhaling the smoke from your cigarette. Tasty, isn’t it? Nope, actually it’s incredibly disgusting. The closest thing I can equate it to is the taste is the same as rust looks. So that’s what I was forcing into my lungs […]

2 years ago and about a week …

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i wrote this poem. it’s kind of nice, i’m surprised it came out of me. painful in it’s depth of feeling hearts embrace in devil’s dealing hurting healing, flinching turning waiting longer, burning stronger start my calling days of new hidden deep in skylit blue whisper names in hopes of knowing until appears an angel […]