Testing Maximo Products customer support

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Earlier this year I jumped on a Groupon deal for what was basically $35 off at http://www.maximoproducts.com, makers of relatively good quality headsets for blackberries and whatnot. I’ve been happily using the headset until today, when the glue gave way and the headset separated into two pieces (picture attached). Below is the message I sent […]

Les Paul : 1915 – 2009

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It’s not technique — it’s what you have to say. I got the mumps. They threw me in a crib so I wouldn’t roll out onto the floor. And there’s a big bay window in my house, and that window stayed perfectly still until that train started to chug. At a certain speed, I could […]

DEMF and Detroit

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DEMF to me is not just a music festival, it’s a celebration of the end of the harsh winters we have here in Michigan. It’s also a time for people from all over the world with similar interests in electronic music to get together, put all differences aside and just have a great time. From […]