Google (GMail team specifically) randomly decides to enforce strict SSL for external POP3/IMAP accounts

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After Google announced it was doing away with personal (or was it trial?) Google Apps accounts, I’m getting the impression they want to get rid of freeloaders (like me). I have a free GMail account, which I’ve setup to retrieve messages using POP3S from my e-mail server at home. This allows me to get better […]

Copy a file with progress in Linux

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You’ll need the “pv” program, which will monitor status through a pipe. On my Fedora box at work this was easy, ‘yum install -y pv’ (apt-get should work, also, for Debian based systems, but I haven’t confirmed that). From there, running a “pv file1 > file2” gave me the following: [user@system Downloads]$ pv Windows8-ConsumerPreview-64bit-English.iso > […]

Fancy colors break grep

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When I first saw the new fancy colors for the grep command in Linux in Fedora 15 I was happy to see they added colorizing for grep results. It seems to work fine on my Fedora system, but I saw some weird behavior on a CentOS 5.7 system. I finally narrowed it down to /etc/skel/.bash_profile, […]

WHY IS OUR WEBAPP SO SLOW? SSL Client certs and JBoss 4.2.3

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Today we had a problem after enabling client certificate authentication in JBoss 4.2.3. At first, I googled the problem and found that a potential JBoss speedup was to specify a different SSLRandomSeed option to point to /dev/urandom instead of the default “builtin”. Basically since the SSL parts were using /dev/random, which depended on entropy to […]

Fedora 16 upgrade – ouch

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I’m always pretty excited about a new Fedora release. Yesterday, Fedora 16 was released, and of course I decided to go grab it. This morning, I popped the DVD in and started the install process. First problem The installer tries to activate all of your screens. I have dual monitors setup with my laptop open, […]

I’m done with cars, they are just too complicated. (satire of ZDNet’s “Done with Linux, going back to Windows”)

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Thanks to Michael Hall, who wrote a very funny article titled “If Linux was a car (Hater’s edition)” as a follow up to the almost comical ZDNet article by David Gewirtz titled “Why I’ve finally had it with my Linux server and I’m moving back to Windows“. In the comments I’ve noticed the author doesn’t […]