Time for some clean up around here.

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There’s too much emo crap on my blog. Moping around on the internet is so incredibly lame, what the hell. UPDATE: I’ve had the urge to write about a certain someone quite a bit … but luckily I’ve been able to control that. Writing on is definitely cathartic, and thus beneficial, but sometimes I look […]

the war, and those who fight it.

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in college, we read all quiet on the western front. in the story, the final scene is Paul along the front line, rising from a foxhole, or maybe a prone position, amidst a barrage of gunfire. this obviously meant certain death, yet it was symbolic in that he had just given up on trying to […]

Finally getting Comcast …

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So after a bit of haggling with Comcast over their installation fees, I’m finally get Comcast installed in my apartment. Initially they wanted to charge me $70 to have someone come out, swap some wires around, and setup Comcast’s crappy e-mail and other bloatware on my system. I want to see the look on the […]