Hiring companies: if you want it written in X, ask for it to be written in X

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I recently took an online AbillityScreen through TrueAbility for a remote position, and one of the tasks was to program some generic automation scripts to do various file operations and so on. In the description, it stated to complete the task in whatever language you wanted as long as it worked.  I set about doing […]

TPS reports, HR threats, and stifling productivity: an open letter to small businesses

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Those who have experienced the growing pains of a small company know how it can all go wrong. When an organization grows, certain intangible benefits are bound to be lost. Many times at small companies I heard the stories of “how it used to be”. Transformations are never painless, and the edict is generally “adapt […]

Travel disaster

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I had this post all written up and lost it all by absent mindedly upgrading WordPress at the same time. Which, on a side note, I’m very happy with. The automatic update seems to work pretty well now, along with updating the plugins I have installed. The process was flawless. So anyway, this is supposed […]

Les Paul : 1915 – 2009

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It’s not technique — it’s what you have to say. I got the mumps. They threw me in a crib so I wouldn’t roll out onto the floor. And there’s a big bay window in my house, and that window stayed perfectly still until that train started to chug. At a certain speed, I could […]

night of a thousand weirdness…

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UPDATE: The siren was the gay-dar going off. LOL So the hallmark of the night was an interesting situation. Allow me to preface the story by adding that whilst standing in front of porcelain urinal, I heard a siren, like I would hear at The Oak Bar in Wyandotte when the Red Wings scored. I […]