Common as a “Hip Hop Artist”

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That’s right. There’s a few of those left. Those that speak in rhymes not about guns or women, but of their love of music. It’s pure. From Geto Heaven Pt 2: Thought of things to say to become the in thing for the day Somehow, that didn’t seem the way for me to make it […]

Susan Boyle is beautiful.

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Laugh, but our perception of hot and beautiful are two very different ideals to me. I just got done reading an article about Susan on The Guardian and checked out the YouTube video of her on Britain’s Got Talent. Is Susan Boyle ugly? Or are we? On Saturday night she stood on the stage in […]

techno/electro playlist

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love this music Mason – Exceeder – Booka Shade – Body Language Robot Needs Oil – Volta (Olivier Giacomotto remix) and my current favorite: Kid Cudi – Day N Night –

CrossOver Games on Fedora 10 x86_64

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So I built a new machine, AMD Quad Core (old one but whatever, better than my 4400+), 4GB RAM, etc etc. Installed Fedora 10 64bit, and transferred over my entire World of Warcraft directory from my previous machine. Next step was to install CrossOver Games, which recently released a new version based on new code […]

list of buckety-ness

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Things you have done during your lifetime: Gone on a blind date Skipped school ( ) Watched someone die Been to Canada Been to Mexico Been to Florida ( ) Been to Hawaii Been on a plane Been on a helicopter Been lost Gone to Washington, DC Swam in the ocean ( ) Swam with […]

I wrote you a letter …

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… in my mind, as I lay in bed, trying without success to fall asleep. The words once sharp are now blurred, rounded fuzzy edges replacing well defined phrases and sentences. The paragraphs have faded back into memory, though their message remains underneath a haze of emotion and desire for reconciliation.

20 songs … ended up being 25

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Another Facebook survey thing … yeah I know I’ve spoken out about FB becoming like MySpace, but I’m a sucker for these things. Please choose 20 songs that would best represent the soundtrack of your life thus far…this should be interesting. Have fun people! 1. No Games – Breaking Benjamin 2. Shedding Skin – Pantera […]

Sun’s VirtualBox

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While I’m in a posting kind of mood I’d like to say I’m extremely impressed with Sun’s new (2 years old, after reading up) VirtualBox. It’s incredibly easy to use; simply install the RPM from and off you go. The menus are self-descriptive and provide in-line help for all of the features, and you […]