Hello WordPress, my old friend

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I’ve come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence Silence being me not posting for a while, but still having thoughts of complex ideas to post… I guess with […]

Running Linux commands on many servers at a time

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I’ve been busy at work lately… setting up a new patch process to include implementation, migration from our old, counter-intuitive system (apt on Red Hat servers, :|), so lots of registering systems with Spacewalk has been necessary (until we finish a Puppet module that is). During our regularly scheduled patching, we have to do blocks […]

TPS reports, HR threats, and stifling productivity: an open letter to small businesses

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Those who have experienced the growing pains of a small company know how it can all go wrong. When an organization grows, certain intangible benefits are bound to be lost. Many times at small companies I heard the stories of “how it used to be”. Transformations are never painless, and the edict is generally “adapt […]

DailyKos.com article about “Persona Management Software”; i.e. faking out the hive mind

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Original article Before I get all the comments about how DailyKos is usually a “left wing propaganda tool”*, this is actually a very good article on the recent HB Gary Federal (a federal contractor in “IT Security”) scandal in which one of their employees tried to infiltrate Anonymous. The fallout of that fiasco was that […]

Watching reality TV

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This topic, I’m sure, has been blogged about and hashed and rehashed a million times, but here it goes anyway. Stream of consciousness about reality TV: The banality of evil is a well broached subject. However, the banality of existence and subjugation is a topic I have not studied in any extent. We live in […]